Posted November 22, 2017 at 8:48 am

Female Fitness Trainer

Itching for a new experience to broaden your horizons with like minded professionals. This vacancy could be the right “fit” for you. 

We are looking for dynamic, enthusiastic and innovative instructors with recognised qualifications to lead a wide range of group exercise classes in our boutique centres OxFitness Lab, RideTribe, Encore and Beatbox. You will be able to enhance and develop your skills as a trainer in a position that will encourage innovation and creativity, whilst working as part of an experienced multidisciplinary team. Trainers are encouraged to maintain a positive and professional demeanour whilst building strong professional relationships with clients to motivate and empower them to achieve their goals. Strong leadership skills and an enthusiastic outlook are additional essential qualities which will help you to create an environment conducive to providing collaborative, client-centred training.

We are particularly looking for BODY PUMP, GROUP CYCLING, REFORMER PILATES, CROSSFIT, CARDIO BOX however if you lead a variety of other group exercise classes we still want to hear from you. Send your CV to 

  • Deliver cutting edge group fitness class instruction in a variety of classes
  • Conduct client risk assessments and suitably adjust classes to meet requirements
  • Technical duties
  • Administrative duties
  • Educate members on safe techniques and guidelines
  • Deliver exceptional customer service by greeting and interacting with all members and orienting new participants
  • Instruct and adapt classes to the ability level of the clients participating
  • Monitor participants through perceived rate of exertion
  • Work with and continually support participants to achieve fitness goals
  • Encourage and motivate new participants and ensure they are oriented into the class
  • Effective time management 
  • Store all equipment neatly and appropriately
  • Document equipment problems in club maintenance log and reports problem to Operations Manager
  • Attend instructor training and supervisor’s meetings
  • Actively engage in regular CPD
  • Participate in all club and company events
  • Promote sales and help the business grow, a large part of which is by providing tours and information
  • Perform floor shift duties including supervision of clients and assisting with queries
  • Keep an up to date awareness of current health and fitness trends/research
  • In view of the evolving needs and opportunities this position may be required to perform other duties as assigned.



  • Yearly flight to country of origin
  • 30 Calendar days annual leave
  • Additional commission on personal training
  • Tax free salary
  • Company provided accommodation including all bills paid
  • Transport to and from your place of work
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Relocation support including processing of your working visa


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